Rumble Strips, Rumble Stripes, Centerline Rumble Strips
Rumble strips are grooves or rows of raised pavement markers placed perpendicular to the direction of travel to alert inattentive drivers. As a vehicle passes over the rumble strips, noise and vibration are produced which alerts the driver they are approaching a hazard.
Highlights of Rumble Strips in Mississippi include:
• Establishment of a MDOT policy to install shoulder rumble strips or edge line rumble stripes on all new construction projects and all pavement rehabilitation jobs.
• MDOT being the first state DOT to use the edge line rumble stripe, which provides for better visibility of the edge line pavement stripe in inclement weather and at night. 
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• The first installation of centerline rumble strips occurred in Lamar County, along MS Highway 589.
• MDOT being awarded by the US Department of Transportation (US DOT) a Rural Safety Innovation Program (RSIP) project in the amount of $1.9 million in 2008 to install 357 miles of centerline rumble strips on state highways to address the safety of travelers on rural roads in Mississippi.